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What Our Oakville Patients Say

At Devereux Chiropractic and Acupuncture, LLC we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Spring and Fall Allergies Gone

My daughter suffered from being sick most of her life. Her eyes where swollen, puffy and bloodshot and she had to carry around a box of Kleenex because of her constant runny nose.  As a new mother, I was always concerned about her ill health and was continuously taking her to doctors.  They told me the reason she was ill was because of a “virus”.  I heard that word so much I could hardly stand to hear it.  Later, they started treating her for seasonal allergies and allergy tested her two times.  Still we were unable to find her any relief.  It ended up just being doctor appointments with the “try this” prescription.  The last straw was the year she got strep throat 6 times.  The allergist then suggested a series of allergy shots over a 5 year period of time and eye drops that cost $108.00 for a 15 drop bottle!  This was insane and we just could not afford it anymore.  This was when we where introduced to Dr. Devereux.  In less then one year of treatments my daughters health improved.  She was no longer sick.  Today, her immune system is healthy and she no longer suffers from Spring or Fall allergies!  Also, she has more energy, fewer headaches and less menstrual cramps. I can’t thank Dr. Devereux enough for helping our daughter and improving her life.

St Louis, MO



Prior to Dr. Scott’s allergy elimination treatments and spinal adjustments/acupuncture, I was suffering from chronic sinusitis and allergy triggered asthma.  My immune system was so weakened from the many rounds of antibiotics, steroids and constant inhalants, that I was completely exhausted and constantly ill.  I was caught in a never ending cycle of needing the drugs to feel better only to get ill a few weeks later. I needed help.

Dr. Scott’s unique treatment plan was the answer.  It recharged my body and strengthened my immune system by targeting the cause of my allergy related asthma versus the treatment of symptoms alone.  Since receiving treatments, I am now able to fight infections (that’s if I get sick at all!).  If I am ever faced with an occasional allergy trigger, I go see Dr. Scott for a treatment before my symptoms worsen.

I am very grateful for Dr. Scott and appreciate his support for the last 6 years!!!

Oakville, MO


Migraines Gone!!!

I struggled for about a year to try and get help from my doctor for my constant daily migraines, stomach issues. They were effecting my work, family and social life greatly. After many appointments and tests, they could not figure out what was causing either issue. I was recommended to Dr. Devereux from a family friend who knew two different people who had been seeing him for years. After a few visits with Dr. Devereux I was already seeing improvements. It took a few months to get back to normal, but today I no longer have migraines or stomach issues nor do I need any medications for anxiety!!!

Affton, MO


From Fatigued to Fantastic

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia over a decade ago. For years, I tried to control my symptoms with diet and exercise but they just kept getting worse. Finally I had to go to a specialist and get prescription medications. After what seemed like endless tests and expensive procedures my rheumatologist put me on a combination of EIGHT medications! I gained tons of weight, my brain fog was worse, I didn’t notice any improvements in my symptoms, and I had lots of negative side effects from the drugs. I felt like a zombie. I was hopeless and desperate.

I started researching how to go about getting disability as I just couldn’t work anymore. My husband found Dr. Devereux one night while researching alternative treatments. He called and made an appointment for me, a decision that I’ll be grateful for for the rest of my life. Dr. Devereux’s treatments seemed unusual, but I was willing to try anything for even the slightest relief! The initial paperwork was daunting, but it made me optimistic that a doctor was trying to discover ALL of my symptom/ailments instead of a particular set that fit into their specialized area of expertise.

On day 1 Dr. Devereux knew more about me than my primary care doctor, neurologist, hematologist, rheumatologist and pain management specialist knew combined! And I knew he could help me more, too. I weaned myself off of my prescription medications, started taking supplements and followed his treatment plan. I started treatment in April 2016. It took about four months to really start feeling better as a whole, but by 2017 I had become a completely different person.

Before treatment I couldn’t do a load of laundry without needing a long nap. Now I come home after 8 hours of work (on my feet) and prepare supper AND do a load of laundry. I can walk my dog, make plans with friends and family without fear of cancelling because of pain and fatigue, spend my weekend having fun instead of recovering in bed and I get sick much less often. I don’t know how he does it, but Dr. Devereux helps me in ways I no longer thought was possible and I am so incredibly grateful for his help.

Back To Health!!

I was a young guy with an exhaustive list of health issues that made me feel like an 85 year old.  Over the years, I was treated by various specialist.  They prescribed me a lot of medications that I took on a regular basis.  My most debilitating condition was my chronic sinusitis.  For over five years, I literally walked with a sinus infection year-round.  I had done all the standard treatments which included sinus surgery, allergy shots, nose sprays, saline rinses, allergy pills, etc.  By late 2014, I was on my 12th round of antibiotics and 5th dose of steroids for the year.  I had started planning to move out of state to a more allergy friendly climate for relief.  As a last resort, although very skeptical, I decided to try treatment with Dr. Devereux.  It was pure desperation.

After three months of treatments I felt 50% better.  My sinus/allergy problems went from always there to only occasional.  To my surprise, I managed to get well on my own without the help of antibiotics and steroids.  After six months I felt 95% better and the sinus infections stopped.  It’s been well over a year and a half now and I have had zero issues.  I rarely have so much as a sniffle, even during the notorious St. Louis spring and fall allergy seasons.  I have since quit all my other sinus / allergy treatments, medications and doctors.  The issue is completely gone.  In addition, as my body became healthy my other health issues began to clear up on their own.  I no longer see  medical doctors or take medication for gastric reflux and high blood pressure.  Even my psoriasis has improved so much that I no longer take weekly injections of Enbrel.

At present, I feel the best I have felt since my early teens.  Life is much better with good health.  “Modern” medicine has a place for emergency care, but not for chronic health conditions. Their treatments are designed to suppress the symptom, not treat the root cause.  The body will heal itself in the majority of the cases if given the “right” help and time.  The detractors in “modern” science/medicine are wrong about acupuncture and energy medicine.  I works and an inquisitive mind can find out why…very interesting stuff.  Lastly and most importantly, Dr Devereux is highly skilled and is very generous.  I was blessed  to have found him when I did.  He is the one responsible for building up my immune system so that my body could heal itself. I highly recommend Dr. Devereux.  I will use him for any/all future health issues.

St Louis, MO

Grass Allergy Gone

My experience with Dr. Devereux has been nothing short of incredible. His speed in addressing the root of my health problems and his thoughtful insight is unmatched. Dr. Devereux, helped my brother immensely with his varied health problems and allergies, so I knew I would receive the same good care. Before visiting Dr. Devereux, I considered myself healthy with no major medical problems or allergies to report. However, I had developed an allergy to grass, so that was the problem that I originally brought to Dr. Devereux’s attention. This allergy made cutting grass, playing sports, and sitting in grass uncomfortable as I’d develop an itchy, red rash on my legs that would last for a few days. After my initial visit, I discovered that I was sensitive to much more than just grass, I just did not experience noticeable symptoms from the allergies. Some of these sensitivities included, eggs, chicken and vegetables. These were treated before I was treated for grass. Once I was treated for grass, my allergy was eliminated in one treatment and I was able to spend the rest of my summer in comfort outside in the grass. As I progressed through my treatments I noticed I have more energy, my menstrual cramps have greatly decreased and I overall feel healthier.

Kirkwood, MO

So This Is How Healthy Feels!

After 20 years of taking a total of 10 perscription medications and several over the counter medicines, I finally made an appointment to see Dr. Devereux. Now, after six months of treatments I am off over half the medications I used to take. There are some I will have to continue because of my heart condition. However, I’ve never felt better in my life. I no longer need allergy meds, stool softner or Vesicare. I no longer cough in the shower, my leg cramps are gone and my osteoarthritis is 90% better ( for the first time in 45 years I can get up in the morning and I can walk with no pain!). My stomach issues are 98% better. My energy is back up and I lost 20 pounds. I no longer have bowel or leaky bladder issues either. I am speechless when it comes to describing how healthy I feel. A big THANK YOU to Dr. Devereux!

Arnold, MO

Grateful For His Expertise

After 9 months of trying to get help with a health issue from traditional medicine, I was finally able to get it resolved with Dr. Devereux. I had seen 4 healthcare professionals without any improvement. Shortly after starting to see Dr. Devereux I began to see improvement and now the problem is almost completely resolved. He was recommended to me by two different people and I now know why. I am grateful for his expertise and encourage others to receive the benefits of his fine work.

St. Louis, MO

Beautiful Baby Girl

When I was 32, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer and underwent radiation therapy.  Then, later in life I got married.  With the inability to conceive, I decided to seek the opinion of several Urologist and fertility specialists.  They all told me, we had less then a 1 % chance of conceiving-at best.  So I decided to seek the services of Dr. Devereux.  After several months of treatments we found out we were expecting!  We now have a beautiful daughter!  This was all done naturally, without expensive invitro/artificial insemination.

Mehlville, MO

Most Helpful

You have helped me way more than any doctor/treatment I have ever tried, first with my chronic migraines which I had for many years, but are no more; and more recently with my menopause symptoms, which have improved greatly! Thanks so much!

St. Louis, MO

I am 99% symptom free

I was diagnosed with UC (ulcerative colitis) four years ago. My symptoms included blood in the stool, cramping, bloating, loose stool, muscle aches and fatigue. I decided to see Dr. Scott Devereux after being referred by a friend. After two months of chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, and NAET I am very happy to say I am 99% symptom free. I never thought it would be possible in such a short period of time and best of all it was all done naturally. I am very grateful and satisfied with my experience and highly recommend these services.

St. Louis, MO

NAET is amazing.

Before going to Dr. Scott Devereux, I had chronic sinus infections resulting in antibiotics 4-6 times per year. It got to the point that antibiotics were not working anymore and my MD suggested surgery. I had almost no sense of smell. With my last bout, I was sent home with an inhaler and antibiotics because of an upper respiratory infection. That is when my wife told me to make an appointment with Dr. Devereux. After the first treatment I remember being able to smell a woman’s perfume in a restaurant. NAET is amazing. It has been 8 years since starting treatments and I have been antibiotic free for my sinuses since!

Barnhart, MO

After treatments, my hair started growing back.

When I was diagnosed with alopecia my dermatologist tried various treatments including prednisone and steroid injections into my scalp. These treatments did not work and messed with my system even more. In October 2012, the hair on the back of my scalp was almost completely gone. This is when I decided to seek the services of Dr. Devereux. After treatments, my hair started growing back. It is now August 2014 and I get compliments on how beautiful my hair looks and I am always super happy to say “Thanks!”

Kirkwood, MO

After only six treatments, I found out I was expecting!

My husband and I decided it was the right time for us to start a family. It had already been nine months and we had not been able to conceive. I was experiencing irregular menstrual cycles for the past year since discontinuing birth control and my doctor did not have an explanation. His solution was to try Clomid, a fertility drug that he hoped would regulate my cycle and in addition, help me get pregnant. Unfortunately, this was not helping either problem.

Several of my family members were seeing Dr. Devereux for various reasons and figured why not try this approach. I didn’t want to look back two years from now, still having the same problems and think to myself, “I should have tried this route sooner.” After only six treatments, my menstrual cycle was back to normal and I found out I was expecting! I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

St. Louis, MO

Now I can eat my favorite foods without headaches or stomach aches!

Before starting treatments I had headaches and stomach aches after eating spicy foods. Sometimes the stomach aches were so bad that I had to miss school. My headaches were so frequent that I took Tylenol everyday! The only thing I could do was avoid spicy foods. Now since being treated I can eat my favorite foods like hot sauce and pizza without anymore headaches or stomach aches! Also, since receiving treatments my eczema is much less.

Waterloo, IL

Dr. Devereux has changed my life significantly.

Dr. Devereux has changed my life significantly due to the chiropractic treatments I have had. I had experienced severe pain in both shoulders from about the age of 10 that lasted until I began my treatments with Dr. Devereux at the age of 30. The extent of my pain was so severe at times that I had trouble doing things such as getting dressed, lifting or moving my arms in general and especially sleeping. After my consultation, Dr Devereux told me I would see drastic changes in 8-10 visits. I followed his instructions and to my amazement, after just a few treatments I started to notice improvement in my shoulder/arms mobility and after the recommended visits I was feeling better than ever and now after several months I am still not experiencing any shoulder pain. I am now visiting Dr. Devereux on a monthly basis for maintenance to make sure I remain strong and healthy. Thank you!

St. Louis, MO

I’ve been pain free for 11 years.

In 1998, I was diagnosed with arthritis of the neck. I saw four head and neck physicians that all recommended surgery. In January 2003, as a last resort, I sought the services of Dr. Scott Devereux. Dr. Devereux took the time to discover the cause of the problem was more muscular in origin and not strictly arthritis. It is now August 2014, and I’ve been pain free for 11 years. Dr. Devereux used a combined approach of chiropractic adjustments, trigger point work, nutrition and acupuncture to assist me in my recovery.

Oakville, MO

Life is good!

Most of my life I suffered from long painful and irregular monthly cycles. My OB/GYN told me that I “was one of the unlucky ones.” Unfortunately, I believed him. Then I found Dr. Devereux. After a series of chiropractic adjustments, NAET treatments, acupuncture and dietary supplements, my periods finally became normal-28 days apart, lasting only three to four days. I no longer need to sleep on a bath towel, and can leave the house without worry. My headaches are down to a dull ache, and my lower back pain is gone. My PMS symptoms are so mild that I have to check the calendar to see when my next period starts. To keep my periods and body in check, I receive adjustments and acupuncture on a monthly basis and continue my supplementation. Life is good!

Barnhart, MO

After seeing Dr. Devereux for one month, I became pregnant.

My husband and I decided we were ready to start a family. We tried to get pregnant, but it was challenging given my infrequent menstrual periods. As a result, I went to my OB/GYN to see if she could help. Several test were performed, and nothing was found as to why my periods were infrequent. To help prompt my period, the doctor prescribed me medication. I took it, and it worked for a month. In the meantime my husband was checked for infertility and his results were fine. My OB/GYN said she could prescribe me clomiphene to help me get pregnant. My husband and I were skeptical about taking the drug given we think it was other medications that led to my infrequent periods. A friend told us about Dr. Devereux and how he helped them and some of their relatives with various problems; one being pregnancy. As a result, my husband and I decided I would see Dr Devereux. Neither of us has ever seen a chiropractor or acupuncturist, so it was all new to us. After seeing Dr. Devereux for one month and following his advice, I became pregnant. Nine months later, we had a healthy baby boy naturally (without epidural or other drug). Thank you Dr. Devereux!

Glen Carbon, IL

Dr. Devereux and NAET drastically improved my life.

About 5 years ago my diet became EXTREMELY restricted do to the fact that everything I ate seem to make me break out with a bad case of hives. At first, I thought was a peanut allergy then thought it may have been an allergy to soy but one day I found myself in an emergency room with lips the size of a saucer, all because I stop to smell day lilies. That was the day I became completely confused about what was causing these allergic outbreaks. I felt completely hopeless.

One day a friend of mine happened to tell me about a doctor who had helped a friend of hers’ daughter allergies. Her friend told her that her daughter was a completely different person once Dr. Scott Devereux began NAET treatments on her. I did some research on NAET and found that Dr. Devereux was a certified NAET practitioner and decided to give him a call and set up my personal evaluation.

Dr. Devereux tested me for the top 15 NAET allergens and found that I was allergic to the majority of them. I decided to begin NAET treatments and noticed immediate results. Dr. Devereux also shared with me that my body would begin to utilize food the way it is supposed to and my physical body would begin to feel better. Today, I am hive free and have not been to any emergency rooms due to allergic reactions. I have also been able to develop much more muscle mass because of the additional nutritional benefits from all the different foods I am now able to consume without restriction. Dr. Devereux and NAET restored my hope and drastically improved my life.

Oakville, MO

After two months of treatments, I have no heart burn or bowel issues!

I started having heart burn at the age of twenty. Twenty five years later, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and diverticulitis. I took Prilosec for several years with no relief. I had horrible gas pains and extremely loose bowels. After two months of treatments with Dr. Scott Devereux, I have no heart burn or bowel issues!

St. Peters, MO

I am now 95% symptom free and no more inhalers!

I suffered from seasonal allergies for 20 years which progressively worsened. I finally listened to a friend who was a long time patient of Dr. Scott Devereux and started receiving weekly treatments. This was the best decision, because I am now 95% symptom free and no more inhalers! Now, I receive monthly maintenance care to stay well.

Barnhart, MO

With the completion of NAET, we saw improvements!

My daughter suffered from chronic constipation at the age of 2. By the time she was 5, it was not unusual for her to sit on the bathroom for 3 hours with no results. She was miserable. We saw an alternative medical doctor who diagnosed her with Candida. She received weekly shots from him and got a little better but was not cured. So we decided to seek the care of Dr. Devereux. After she completed the top 10 NAET allergens we saw improvements! In 4 weeks she was having one bowel movement per day. She is now 15 years old and continues to have no issues with constipation.

St Peters, MO

We feel like we have our healthy son back.

At the age of 8 our son started to experience severe migraines. At the age of 10, he experienced many episodes of constant coughing and was diagnosed with variant asthma. A year later, he was diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction which sometimes presents itself as asthma. Our son was also experiencing frequent stomach aches, acid reflux and constipation.

The progression of his illnesses resulted in him seeing several doctors and taking a lot of medications to treat his symptoms. He saw a pediatrician for acid reflux, constipation and overall care; a neurologist for migraines; an allergist for asthma and a speech pathologist for vocal cord dysfunction. The medications he took were Imapramine for migraine prevention, Dulera for asthma, Lasoprozole for acid reflux, Floricet for migraines, Albuterol for asthma attacks and prevention and prior to playing sports and Miralax for constipation.

At this point he was 13 and we saw a decline in his overall health as well as his vibrant, playful personality and saw no sign of relief. Because he was consistently not feeling well, he did not have an appetite and it was an effort for him to play and go to school. We also noticed that for three years he did not gain any weight or grow very much. We were desperate and ready to try something different. In June of 2013, a friend suggested that we see Dr. Devereux. After about 15 treatments (3 months) of NAET, chiropractic adjustments, muscle work, acupuncture and nutritional supplements, our son was migraine free, had no occurrences of acid reflux or stomach aches, no constipation, no asthma issues and we were able to eliminate all prescribed medications. A year later, he continues to do well. He continues to gain weight, has grown several inches and remains healthy. We feel like we have our healthy son back.

Kirkwood, MO

It is 15 years later and he continues to be asthma free!

At the age of 3 my son was diagnosed with asthma. His medical treatment consisted of Albuterol, Zantac, inhalers and many, many rounds of antibiotics. Because of his asthma he had difficulty with running and playing sports. After about a year of with Dr. Devereux consisting chiropractic, NAET and nutrition his asthma was gone. It is now 15 years later and he continues to be asthma free!!! He is able to play baseball, basketball and track without any breathing issues and is never sick!

Hillsboro, MO

After numerous failed fertility treatments, I was pregnant within 3 months!

I began going to Dr. Devereux after I was referred by a friend. I began having irregular periods a couple of years ago after having my son, followed by years of infertility. After numerous failed fertility treatments, I decided to meet with Dr. Devereux. After his initial assessment, I began treatments. He performed adjustments, NAET, and acupuncture. However, I was also impressed that he addressed nutrition and vitamins, looking at the whole picture of health. I was pregnant within 3 months and now my daughter is turning nine this week. Through the years, I have gone to him for various reasons, each time successfully gaining and maintaining health. I have and will continue to recommend friends to him.

St. Louis, MO

Our family of eleven has been medication free for almost ten years!

My family began seeing Dr. Devereux ten years ago, when he reversed acid reflux, asthma, and chronic ear infections in my four children. Since then, we have had five more children, and none of them have suffered from these illnesses or had to take antacids or antibiotics. In fact, our family of eleven has been medication free for almost ten years! Dr. Devereux has essentially replaced our primary doctor, treating the rare cold or infection that we get with supplements, NAET, acupuncture and chiropractic care. We are much healthier!

St. Louis, MO

I’m so grateful that I remain healthy, energetic and free of pain!

Ten years ago, I began developing some sort of autoimmune disease characterized by severe joint pain and exhaustion. Dr. Devereux has kept my autoimmune illness under control using chiropractic care, NAET and supplements to improve my immune system! I see Dr. Devereux for a checkup as soon as I have a flare up, which is becoming much less common. Words can’t express how grateful I am to remain healthy, energetic and free of pain!

St. Louis, MO

Without Dr. Scott Devereux, I don’t know where I would be today.

When I was in 8th grade, I suffered from a debilitating “migraine” headache that lasted an entire year of my life. Handfuls of doctors and specialist prescribed hundreds of migraine medications, pain medications, etc. Nothing worked. I was in a constant daze from the medication side-effects and still in severe pain. Finally, after two MRIs, a Neurologist explained that I had something called Chiari Malformation Type 1. I needed immediate Brain Surgery. The only stipulation? It might not cure the headaches.

And it didn’t. So after a year long “migraine”, brain surgery, and an intense recovery period, I was right where I started. My family was in a panicked search for ANYTHING that might help.

That’s when we stumbled upon Dr. Scott Devereux. After 6 visits, my “migraine” was gone. My mom cried in his office, thankful that something had finally worked for me. I continue to see Dr. Scott Devereux today, 11 years later. My regularly scheduled appointments include all facets of his practice (chiropractic, acupuncture, NAET, muscle-testing, supplements, etc.). I see him about once a month, to ensure my continued healthy lifestyle and couldn’t be happier! My mom, dad, brother, sister-in-law, aunt, friends, friends of friends, and even my Homebound Tutor (from my 8th grade school year) sees Dr. Devereux now.

Without Dr. Scott Devereux, I don’t know where I would be today. Because of him, I live my life with no medication, no headaches and no more sinus infections (which I used to get multiple times a year). I would recommend him to anyone looking for a healthy, non-invasive, alternative to medications and surgeries.

See for yourself the life-changing effects of Dr. Scott Devereux’s practice.

St. Louis, MO

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